Acquire More Users For Your Startup

Boo Metrics shows you instantly how effectively you're acquiring users, so you can focus on the things that matter.

Why choose Boo Metrics?

We make your website visitor analytics quick and easy, without the crazy price tag.

We don't think you should have to waste time planning what to track, adding lines of code, or waiting on developers to understand what's happening on your website.

With Boo Metrics you get really simple and easy to use visitor analytics in seconds.

No Code

Just add the snippet once and we'll take care of the rest, no need to add code to everything you want to track.

Complete flexibility

Don't let your analytics provider decide what's best for you! Set what you count as a visitor interaction or conversion in one click.

Great pricing

Don't choose between complicated free analytics solutions and expensive alternatives, we provide easy to use analytics at a great price.

Understand Your Conversion Rate In Seconds

No need to spend ages digging into complicated platforms and doing manual calculations, see on one page how many visitors interact with your site and how many become customers.

Spend Your Marketing Budget Wisely

Quickly understand which marketing channels are working most effectively and focus your budget and effort in the right place.

Analytics that keep up with you

Your business and priorities change all the time, don't get left in the dark with your analytics. We retro-actively track everything so you can always see exactly how your visitors interact with your site.

Own your analytics!

All our plans offer a free 14 day trial with no credit card needed to sign up.

We're currently in private Beta, request access to join our waiting list.

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